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Chimney in a kitchen can be a life savior that exhausts smoke, oil particles, and other pollutants from the kitchen and maintain the kitchen atmosphere fresh. When it fails, the entire atmosphere of the house shifts into something worse. Like smoke and pollutants outside the house, the kitchen will be filled with smoke. 

That mixed smell of smoke and food is not good at all. So, we at Smart Care provide Chimney/Kitchen Hood Repair and Services for all brands and models.

Why clean Chimney?

When was the last time you cleaned the chimney in your kitchen? Getting Hard to recall right? If you answered yes, then it's time to give your hood a fresh look with some simple efforts.

Cleaning a kitchen chimney is a time-consuming process that most of us would usually avoid. On the other hand, we all know that chimney cleaning is essential for its proper operation. Cooking smoke covers the chimney filters, making them oily and sticky.

Here are some reasons that justify why you should clean your kitchen hood time to time as follows:

To avoid Chimney catching from Fire 

A chimney fire can be highly dangerous and uninvited as well,  and it can ignite without even warning you. The most common cause for a chimney fire is the pile of dirt within it and with time, chimneys will become clogged with Oil Particles. Prevent the chimney from catching fire by cleaning and maintaining the chimney on regular basis.

To maintain a Healthy and Fresh environment

Another reason to have your chimney examined and cleaned on a regular basis is to prevent the dirt from blocking the release of deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas at low levels, which can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and dementia. Over time, inhaling too much CO can be harmful to one's health and possibly lead to death.

Types of Chimney we Repair:

We at Smart Care Service provide Chimney Repair and Services for mainly two types of machines:

 - Masonry Chimney

 - Metal Chimney

Our Services

At Smart Care, Chimney Repair and Services include,


Installing and uninstalling a chimney can be an easy peasy job if you have got proper tools, techniques, and time. However, you can hire Smart Care technicians to install/uninstall a Chimney for a professional look.

Dead/No On

Check the plug/socket is properly connected or not. If it does not work then check both ends of the connection from the socket to the hood if it is connected properly or not. Still, if it is not working then the fuse has blown. Such issues should be handled by professionals only. You can contact us at Smart Care to solve your problem for you.

Chimney making Noise

If the chimney is producing rattling sound during the time of operation then this might be due to defective components. You can contact us at Smart Care to take care of that problem.


Kitchen hood pumps and filters oils and smokes before pumping out pollutants into the outer atmosphere. Over time, geysers (yellow oil particles) get accumulated inside the hood. If it is left unchecked, it can even cause a fire. We at  Smart Care provide the service of Chimney Cleaning to prevent such accidents.

Other Repairs

If you are facing issues that are not mentioned above such as the chimney is working fine but is not luminating, or any other issue regarding the kitchen hood you can contact us at Smart Care to solve it for you.

Why Choose Smart Care Service??

At Smart Care Service Group with professional technicians on-site, our customers can fully rely on us for Chimney and other appliance repairs and services without any stress.

Here are some reasons to choose Smart Care repair services:

- Each Professional at Smart Care is passed through a series of training to ensure that only high-quality work reaches our customers.

- Smart Care encourages online payment to avoid any danger of fraud and unnecessary inconvenience.

- Smart Care offers 30 days warranty on spare parts and 3 months service warranty on refrigerator repairs.

- At Smart Care, We have access to all brands appliances’ genuine spare parts at a genuine rate.

- Smart Care Services are budget-friendly as well since experts can be booked for the same or less service charge as compared to any other local technician near you. 

Popular Brands Refrigerator We Repair

 - LG







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- Air Conditioner

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Cleaning your kitchen Chimney is essential, and neglecting it for longer might invite major consequences. Be Responsible and hire professionals to clean and maintain your chimney on a regular basis. We at Smart Care understand how inconvenient it is when daily applications break down, it throws the entire house into a mess. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I clean my electric Chimney?

Before the pollutants get exhausted, geysers are filtered and over time geysers get accumulated. When enough geysers get accumulated over time, it can even cause arson. So you should clean your electric Chimney often.

How often should I Clean my electric chimney?

Experts recommend one should clean an electric chimney once every 6 months if it is used very frequently but cleaning twice a year is enough for a normal household.

What if the repair doesn't last?

We, Smart Care provide spare parts/ hardware warranty for 1 month and technical warranty for 3 months from repair.