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A cooking range is a stove with an oven and a fuel source (gas or electricity). It is a common piece of kitchen equipment in many households since it combines a stove and an oven, making it more appealing to the majority of people than purchasing each item separately.

Our Services

Smart Care Repair and Services Cooking Range Services are;

Lighter not working

The most common reasons for a gas burner failing to ignite is debris blocking gas flow to the igniter. If that is not the case then, wires which connect the igniter to the control module aren't properly connected or the lighter may be faulty or that may be because of other reason. To have it fixed, contact Smartcare - Repair and Services.

No/Less Flame

The reason of No/Less flame cooking range may be fue to various reasons like, when the burner head has grown dirty over time, it causes cooking range to no flame or flame weakly. The other reasons can be lackof cleaning, improper position of burner cap. You can always call Smartcare - Repair and Services to have it fixed for you.

Oven not working

If your Cooking Range Oven is not working i.e. the oven wont heat, this can be because of faulty igniter and heating element or the problem lies in gas line.You can call Smarecare - Repair and Services to get it fixed for you.

Cleaning / Services

Smartcare - Repair and Services offers cooling range cleaning service from fully trained, professional range and stove cleaning specialist. If you are noticing other issues like electric element doesnot heat, heating element doesnot heat to correct temperature, or any other problems, you can contact Smartcare -Repair and Services for assistance.

Why choose SmartCare Services?

Our work at Smart Care Service has a high level of customer satisfaction. Smart Care Service Group is aware of the threats that a broken kitchen ranger oven poses to a person's health, as well as the urgency with which it must be repaired. Hence, we provide you numerous reasons why to choose Smart Care Services; 

Verified Professionals 

Every Smart Care Service Group employee is subjected to a background check to ensure that our customers receive only high-quality service.

Online Payment 

Smart Care Service accepts payments online using eSewa, Khalti, and other comparable digital apps to avoid the risk of fraud and added hassle.


Smart Care offers a 30-day warranty on replacements and a 100-day service warranty on cooking range repairs because we take full responsibility for our work.


The Technician may be arranged for a fraction of the cost of any other neighboring local technician.

Popular Brands Microwave Oven We Repair

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FAQs on Cooking Range-1 Repair and Services

Which brands of Cooking Range do you repair? 

Technicians at Smart Care can work with any brand of Cooking Range. However, while naming the popular brands; Baltra, LG, Philips, and Panasonic comes first. 

Are technicians at Smart Care trustworthy for Cooking Range-1 Repair and Services? 

All the technicians at Smart Care are background checked. They are well experienced and are given training. The customer’s safety is our top priority. 

How much will it cost me to get my Cooking Range repaired? 

The cost of repairing Cooking Range depends on the defect it has been facing. The cost to repair your Cooking Range is determined after the analysis, service charge, and the cost of spare parts if needed.