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A mixer grinder is undoubtedly the most significant machine in a modern kitchen. It helps you save time while cooking. The mixer grinder is designed for numerous activities, including pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing, and chopping, and produces a fine product with no obvious bits.

Our Services 

Smart Care offers the following services in Mixture Grinder Repair and Services;

Jar leakage

Leakage is one of the most common mixer grinder problems. This could be because of its age, loose blade, crack, or loose assembly of components, etc. In any case, you can contact Smartcare -  Repair, and Services to solve your problem for you. 

Stuck buttons and Jar

When food fluids spill, they get into small tight spaces between buttons /jar and buttons/jar get stuck. You can solve this issue by unplugging and thoroughly cleaning the mixer grinder. Or you can contact Smartcare - Repair and Services trained professional and cleaning specialist to do it for you.

Blunt Blade

When you grind more complex substances more frequently, the blades often become blunt, and the jar ages over time. It could also be due to a faulty jar mechanism. In any case, you can contact Smartcare - Repair and Services for assistance.

Slow / No rotating Blades

When a food particle becomes stuck in the mechanism, the blades do not rotate at their normal speed. They become clogged, resulting in decreased speed. It mainly happens when semi-liquid foods are grind in the incorrect jars. You can contact Smartcare - Repair, and Services to have it fixed for you.

Other Repairs

If you are observing other issues that are not mentioned above like, overload, shutdown, frequent tipping, bottom issues, or any issue regarding the mixer grinder, you can contact Smartcare - Repair, and Services to solve your problems for you.

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Why choose Smart Care Services? 

Smart Care Services provides you with smart services to make your life easy. We have actual Reasons why you should choose Smart Care Services. Let’s have a look at some of them to know why Smart Care;

Validated Professionals

A background check is performed on all the technicians at Smart Care Service Group to make sure that only high-quality work is provided to our customers. 

Online Payment

Smart Care Service access you to online payment using eSewa, Khalti, and other similar services. The motive is to avoid the risk of fraud and inconvenience.


Smart Care provides a 100-day service warranty and a 30-day warranty on spare parts on mixture grinder repairs. Our objective is to offer the best services and take full responsibility for our work. 


Services at Smart Care can be booked for the same or lesser than any other local technician. We are budget-friendly service providers.

Your broken appliances can be fixed on time, unlike your broken heart. So, remember to visit us or reach out to us if you need help to fix your defective appliances. Smart Care is here for you. Live a Smart Lifestyle with Smart Care

FAQs on Mixture Grinder Repair and Services

What brands of Mixture Grinder do Smart Care repairs?

Smart Care Technicians are able to repair any brand of Mixture Grinder. Still, some of the popular brands that we repair during the service are LG, Baltra, Panasonic, etc.

Should I trust Smart Care Microwave oven Repair and Services technician? 

The technicians at Smart Care are well experienced and skillful. Moreover, they are also given special training to ensure that high-quality services reach our clients. 

How much does it cost to get my Mixture Grinder repaired?

The cost of total maintenance of the Mixture Grinder is determined after analyzing the defect in the appliances. The cost may vary for different products and services. Plus, it also depends on the added spare parts (if needed).