Pest control Cockroaches and there’s cockroaches everywhere. Having cockroaches around us is not just disgusting but it also had negative health effect. Cockroaches are capable of reaching everywhere from our cupboard to our food and water. It spreads bacteria’s to everything it touches. Not just that but it also interfere with our personal comfort. It can cause extreme social embarrassment. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal creature so we don’t even realize when it creates shelter in our home. It hides in dark places and look around for their food in dark places. And since it is small and can fly too it’s hard to get rid of it on our own. 

Why deal with cockroaches when you have easy solution against it? To get rid of this mess creating creature all you need to do is to contact smart care pest control services. As per your need it will provide fastest and most feasible service to get rid of these cockroaches. 

About smart Care pest control service 

Get rid of termites and cockroaches with smart care service and solution private limited. It is a leading national company that provides services in various sectors like cleanliness, pest control, maintenance and repairement of electronic appliances and many more. It is Kathmandu based company providing services mainly in the valley. 

From smart care pest control service, you can get rid of termites and cockroaches from your office, home or training centres. It is one of the best pest control service providing company. 

Our special repellent makes sure to remove 100% of the cockroaches and termites. Regardless of whether it is residential or office space we will create safe space for you. 

What does smart care pest control services and solutions offers? 

Along with cockroaches and termites you can also get rid of bed bugs and lizards. To make your home and office bug free we use special machines and chemicals in the form of spray and gel. We use high quality of pest control. 

 Some of our pest controls are chemical free which reduces the chances of health hazard. Those are herbal and don’t have long term effects on health. It helps to avoid cockroaches in long term showing excellent result on it. 

We provide the best services of pest control at the lowest cost possible in the entire valley. To make your home and office clean, safe and insect free we apply beat repellent. 

Along with residential sector, you can also contact us for industrial and commercial pest control service. It is advised in general to get pest control quarterly for insect free safe area. 

Why to choose smart care pest control service? 

Even though cockroaches do bite, it still leads to a lot of health problems. It is not mandatory to find cockroaches only in dirty and unhygienic houses. Getting rid of cockroaches on your own is almost impossible. This is because they are very resourceful and hides in many unreachable places. 

We have experienced and verified pest control professionals working in our company. They know the targeted area and tackle it there without creating any mess. Along with skilled technicians, we have different specific tools to deal to deal with cockroaches. 

We will make sure that the cockroaches leave your home after our service. We provide services at your budget and as per the need of your home. We will also explain you everything in details that you might need to know about the service. 


We provide services in 

·         Pokhara

·         Butwal

·         Kathmandu

·         Chitwan

·         Bhairawa

·         Kavre

·         Lalitpur

·         Lumbini


·         Cockroaches 

·         Termites

·         Bed bugs 

·         Lizard 

·         Spider


·         Feasibly low cost service. 

·         We will explain you in brief about the specific service you will need. 

·         Use of best pest control repellent. 

·         Quick response and efficient work. 

·         Hassle-free way to book our service with multiple Modes. 

·         Quality reliable service.  

·         We provide services entire week at office hour. 

·         We accept various modes of payment. 

Location and overview

Being a reliable and trustworthy company of Nepal, our only aim is to satisfy our customers by providing best services. Smart Care service and solution Pvt Ltd Is located in kumaripati, Lalitpur, near bluebird college, Nepal. You can also follow the location through Google map

Contact details 

Website: smart Care service and solutions Pvt Ltd 

Contact number: 977-1-5970066

Mobile number: 9851201580, 9802074555

Toll free number: 16600144555


Frequently asked questions 

     1.   How to book smart care pest control services? 

·    To book our services we can connect us through website, call, Facebook or can directly visit our office at the location mentioned above. You    can do this on office our for the entire week from 10am to 5pm.

  2.  Is it compulsory to move out everything during pest control? 

·   It is not mandatory but advisable to at least move out the people from the service area. Mainly if you are asthmatic, or allergic to chemicals and odour.

  3.  How much does it cost for the smart care pest control services? 

·   The charge depends on the area covered, service area like commercial, residential or industrial. It also depends on the type of treatment one chooses.

  4.  How much time will it take to pest control entire home? 

·    The time taken totally depends on the service area i.e. the size of home, office or other areas. Generally for residential area, it seems to vary from 2o minutes to 2 hours.


5.  What are the types of pest control services offered by Smart care services and solutions?

·   We mainly provide services for cockroaches and mosquitoes. We also provide repellent for bed bugs, lizards, spider, termites etc.…