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Air Conditioning has become an essential part of any living or working place these days, and when it fails, the entire space evolves into an uncomfortable space. AC controls the temperature, humidity, and airflow of any enclosed place to create an atmosphere that is distinct from the current condition.

That’s why we at Smart Care Service, provide Air Conditioner Repair and Services for all brands and models.

Types of Air Conditioner we Repair

At Smart Care Service, we provide Air Conditioner Repair and Services for the following machines:

Window Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners are self-contained systems that fit in a window. They can also be placed by drilling a hole in the outer wall of a room, but we do not recommend doing so to your property.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are a low-maintenance, energy-efficient cooling alternative for houses that have ductwork. The installation cost of air source heat pumps is expensive, but the running and maintenance costs are low.

Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners are made up of two parts: the compressor and the evaporator. The condensing unit, which is positioned outside the residence, and the evaporative unit, which is located next to the furnace, make up a central air conditioner. The two units are connected by refrigerant tubing.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless Air Conditioners, often known as Split Systems or Mini-Splits, are a popular cooling alternative for apartments or households without ductwork who want a more permanent cooling solution than window air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioners

A Portable Air Conditioner is a self-contained appliance that is dragged into any room and placed on the floor.

Air Conditioners are also categorized on the basis of AC Cassette  for a warranty as follows:

- AC Cassette above 2 ton

- AC Cassette below 2 ton

- AC Cassette above 1.5 ton

- AC Cassette below 1.5 ton

Our Services

At Smart Care, Air Conditioner Repair and Services include,

AC Installation, Uninstallation, and Reinstallation

Installing and uninstalling an AC can be an easy job if you have got proper tools, techniques, and time. However, you can hire Smart Care technicians to install/uninstall an AC for a professional look.

If AC trips switch automatically, repeatedly then it is because of poor installation. We, Smart Care also re-install poorly installed AC.

AC No Cooling and Less Air Flow

You may hear the sound of AC running but none/very little amount of air coming from ducts. It is because the belt is clogged and needs servicing or the belt is worn out and needs a replacement. In this case, you can contact us at Smart Care to solve existing problems and inspect to prevent further upcoming breakdowns only a specialist can sense.

AC Running Constantly

AC should turn off periodically be it extremely hot weather or cold. AC that runs constantly wears off vital components very early in its lifespan. We Smart Care Repair AC that runs constantly so that your AC and its components last longer and save skyrocketing energy bills.

AC Dead/ No on

AC does not turn on if its circuit breaker/switch is flipped or loosely connected socket - plug. If that is not the case, we, Smart Care have the appropriate equipment and specialized technicians to solve your problem for you.

Why Choose Smart Care Service??

Our customers can fully rely on Smart Care Service Group for Air Conditioner and other appliance repairs and servicing since we have professional specialists on-site.

The following are some of the benefits of using Smart Care repair services:

- At Smart Care, all of our professionals go through an intense training program to ensure that only high-quality work reaches our clients.

- Smart Care provides a 30-day parts warranty and a three-month service warranty on refrigerator repairs.

- We have access to authentic parts for all brands of appliances at a genuine price at Smart Care.

- Smart Care Services are also cost-effective, as professionals can be scheduled for the same or less than any other nearby technician.

- Smart Care Service Group promotes online payment to avoid fraud and undue trouble, and you can do it by simply transferring the service charge online or loading a wallet on eSewa, Khalti, or other comparable fund transfer services.

Popular Brands Refrigerator We Repair

 - LG







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- Washing Machine

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Performing routine maintenance of your air conditioner is an easy way to extend its life. Regular cleanings and changing of filters are essential for a healthy AC system. You can also make some repairs yourself to ensure that your system is operating at optimal performance. But if you need routine service or emergency repairs, you can count on expert technicians from Smart Care Service Company for a professional job. This will ensure that your unit is functioning properly and will last for years to come.

FAQs on Air Conditioner Repair and Services

How much does it cost to repair an AC?

The repair cost depends on various factors like type and extent of damage(are the components is repairable or should be replaced with new replacement parts), brands and models(the price of spare parts depending on the brands, how popular the brand is, and availability of spare parts), time(some may take longer time than other) and so on.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If you are experiencing the sound of AC running but not cooling it may be because of a clogged or blocked coil, or belt is worn off.

How long does an AC last?

There are various factors affecting the lifespan of an AC. But a well maintained should last around 15 years. Some may last even longer if they are taken care of properly.

Can I get sick from an old AC?

Both yes and no. An old air conditioner does not make you sick, but it does produce a sick-inducing environment. An old, poorly maintained air conditioner, for example, can become a source of mold growth and bacteria, and as air goes through the unit, these pollutants wind up in your living space.