Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully as it will provide you with all the necessary information about the terms and conditions that govern our relationship when you book an engineer to visit your domestic home appliance using our online system.

Smart Care Service and Solution Pvt. Ltd ("Smart Care") and the Customer agree, pursuant to the Maintenance and Repair Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), that Smart Care shall provide maintenance and repair services for the following appliances: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Air-conditioner, Vacuum Cleaner, LCD TV, LED TV, Air Purifier, Humidifier, and Medical Equipment such as Blood Bank, Ultrasound Machine, X-Ray Machine, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Temperature Measurement Device. The services provided will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

Effective Date of Service: The maintenance and repair services under the Agreement shall begin on the date listed on the Agreement ("05 Feb- 2015"), and the term of the Agreement shall be as provided under the Equipment System Sales and Installation Agreement. The Agreement shall not be effective unless executed by a duly authorized representative of Smart Care, Clients, and Customer.

The information you supply:

Please ensure that the information you submit on our online system is correct. If the address, appliance, or fault details provided are incorrect, we reserve the right to charge you for the engineer's call-out and/or refuse to carry out the repair.

To carry out the repair and select the correct replacement spare parts, we require the exact details of your appliance, including the full model number, serial number, and brand. These details are usually found on the rating plate of the appliance, which is usually visible from the front of the machine or etched onto the door, edge, or back of the door.

Appointment dates and times:

All engineer appointment dates and times are subject to availability. If necessary, we may contact you to offer an alternative date or time. By using our online facility and arranging an engineer visit, you agree to be present at the selected time and date. If you are not available, please call 015970066, 9802074555, or 9851201580 as soon as possible to reschedule the visit. If you are not at home when the engineer visits at the agreed time, we may charge you for the call-out.

What is/is not covered:

The price we quote includes the engineer's call-out and the first 45 minutes of labor. If additional parts are required for the repair, we will provide you with a quote for these parts. The quoted price does not include the following: (i) costs associated with accessing your appliance (additional materials and labor); (ii) costs associated with making-good or redecorating; or (iii) additional work required to gain access to your appliance due to a non-standard installation. You will be responsible for these costs unless we have been negligent.

Smart Care reserves the right to void any warranty if the end user or any unauthorized person or agent removes or tampers with any parts fitted to the appliance by Smart Care during the warranty period. Any goods supplied by Smart Care will remain the property of Smart Care until cleared funds are received.

Consumable items such as bulbs, batteries, and vacuum bags are not covered by warranty.

Charges may apply for the clearing of pumps or damage caused to pumps or filters by foreign objects (e.g., coins, keys, buttons).

Repairs involving the cleaning of refrigeration drainage channels or holes will not carry any form of warranty unless the fault reoccurs within 7 days. Door hinges of all types and door seals are covered against manufacturing defects for 12 months. However, damage caused by neglect, misuse, or abuse (e.g., bending, straining, tearing