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Deep freezers are larger and offer more storage space than fridge freezers. A basic kitchen fridge freezer has a capacity for small homes and can start as low but deep freezers open horizontally and often have capacities ranging from 100 liters to 510 liters and unlike upright freezers, do not have shelves or drawers.

Deep fridges can produce issues such as drain blockages, functioning issues, and even a malfunction with the deep fridge that could be temporary or permanent at times. As a result, you may get in touch with Smartcare for Deep Fridge repair and maintenance.

Our Services

Smart Care Repair and Services Deep Fridge Services are;

No / Dead On

Check the connection first. If this is not the case, the capacitor may be faulty. If the capacitor fails, the compressor will not start. This is due to overheating and requires replacement. You can call Smartcare - Repair, and Services to get it repaired.

No/Lower Cooling

The most typical reason for a refrigerator not cooling or cooling too little is an issue with the evaporator coils. Evaporator coils can become encrusted with ice over time, rendering them inoperable. Professional experts are available at Smartcare - Repair, and Services to assist you.

Internal Dripping

To keep deep freezers at low temperatures, the drain line catches and recycles surplus water. Excessive water or ice might congeal in the freezer if the drainage line becomes jammed with food particles and ice. Contact Smartcare - Repair, and Service to have it repaired.

Extreme Cooling

The most common causes of excessive cooling in deep refrigerators include wrong thermostat settings, malfunctioning temperature control thermostats, faulty thermistors, overworking evaporator fans, damaged dampers, and so on. To get it fixed, contact Smartcare - Repair and Service.

Why choose smart care services?

Credentialed Professionals

Every member of the Smart Care Service Group is subjected to a background check to ensure that no damage comes from our end and that only high-quality service reaches our customers.

Online payment

Smart Care Service accepts payments online using eSewa, Khalti, and other comparable digital apps to reduce fraud and inconvenience.

Smart Care offers a 30-day replacement guarantee and a 100-day service warranty on cooking range repairs because we take full responsibility for our work.

Original Replacement Parts

We have access to genuine components for all appliance manufacturers at reasonable pricing.

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Accidents do not come with an invitation, and they do occur. Nobody knows how big of an impact it will have on your equipment or your health, so it's best to be safe than sorry.

Smartcare will take care of your deep fridge as long as you notify us as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the worst to happen.

We believe in offering the finest fit solution for your individual needs. We strive to deliver exceptional service. That is why Smartcare deep fridge repair and services are worth a shot because health comes first.

FAQs on Deep Fridge Repair and services

How long can a deep freezer be left unplugged?

If your freezer is full, it will keep cold for two days; if it is half full, it will stay cold for one day. A full freezer that has not been accessed should keep its temperature for a couple of days.

What are the signs that the deep fridge needs to be repaired?

Food degrades too quickly, there is too much frost, there is too much noise, the coils feel too hot, there are fractures in the shell, and other warning signs signal a deteriorating deep fridge.

What are the most common problems with the deep fridge?

Deep fridge problems to watch out for include water overflowing from the rear, not or less cooling, freezing food, and creating noise.