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A Refrigerator has become an integrated part of today’s household. It allows preserving food for longer than before by maintaining a low temperature. But Sadly when it breaks down, the complete cycle of household chores suddenly stops. Here, We Smart Care Service provides Refrigerator Repair and Services for any brand or type of Refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators we Repair

We at Smart Care Service provide Refrigerator Repair and Services for mainly three types of machines:

- Single Door Refrigerator

- Double Door Refrigerator

- Side by Side Refrigerator

Our Services

Our Refrigerator Repair and Services include;

Refrigerator Dead/No On

A Refrigerator may act dead (not get turned on) due to various reasons. Most of the time this happens because the circuit breaker is turned off or a fuse is bad. In this case, the circuit breaker will not provide power to the refrigerator. In such a case, you can contact us to solve the issue.

Refrigerator Gas Refilling

A refrigerator uses refrigerant normally HydroFluoroCarbon(HFC) as a refrigerant. In case of insufficient refrigerant, the refrigerator shows signs like green vegetables turning black due to frostbite, juicy vegetable freezing, etc. You can contact us to fix such issues.

Refrigerator No/Less Cooling

Sometimes refrigerators do not cool enough or not cool at all. This may be due to insufficient refrigerant level, faulty compressor, defective parts like condenser coil, condenser fan, compressor, evaporator fan, etc. We can solve such problems, you can contact us.

Refrigerator Other Repair

You may face different issues such as refrigerator is freezing food, water dispenser overflow, ice maker Overflowing, Buildup of frost in the dispenser, unit cycling too often, etc. You can contact us even if the issue you are facing is not mentioned above for Services.

Why Choose Smart Care Service??

Smart Care Service Group believes in the fact that a refrigerator malfunction can create inconveniences in our daily busy life. We understand your need to get it back in operation. That's why, we provide quick, effective, and long-lasting Refrigerator Repair and Services. We have authorized technicians all around the Kathmandu Valley, assuring that one of our qualified experts will always be able to reach you, no matter where you are.

These are the reasons to choose Smart Care Services:

Professional Technicians

All of the professionals at Smart Care Service Group are screened with a Background Check. They are also passed through a series of training to ensure that only high-quality work reaches our customers.

Online Payment

Smart Care Service welcomes online payment to avoid any danger of fraud and to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. To make the payment, simply transfer the service fee online or load a wallet on eSewa, Khalti, or other similar services.

Service Guarantee

Because we take full responsibility for our work, we offer 30 days warranty on spare parts and 3 months service warranty on refrigerator repairs.


Experts can be booked for the same or less than any other local technician near you. We will send out qualified Refrigerator specialists to diagnose and repair any problems.

Original Spare Parts

We have access to all brands appliances’ genuine parts at a genuine rate.

Popular Brands Refrigerator We Repair

 - LG







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Emergencies are uninvited, and the sudden fault in the refrigerator tells the same story. We know how essential it is to you that all your appliances are in working conditions perfectly. We believe in providing the best fit solution, that meets your specific requirements. We aspire to provide an excellent level of service. 

With experienced professionals on board, our customers can rely on us for Smart Refrigerator Repair and Services without any stress. Our technicians are trained, skilled, and well-mannered.  That is why Smart Care Refrigerator Repair and Services are worthwhile for these reasons.

FAQ on Refrigerator Repair and Service

What are the most Common Refrigerator Problems?

Some of the major refrigerator problems to watch out for are refrigerator leaking water from the back, refrigerator not or less cooling, refrigerator freezing food, refrigerator building up ice on the freezer floor, refrigerator making noise, and so on.

Why is my Refrigerator ON but Not Cooling?

The most common reason for a refrigerator not getting cool is an issue with the evaporator coils. Over time, evaporator coils can become coated with ice, which stops the coils from performing properly. If the coils are covered in ice, we need to remove the extra ice from the coil to fix the problem.

What are the signs that indicate the Refrigerator needs to be Repaired?

Food gets spoiled too quickly, Excess frost, super noisy, coils feel too hot, Cracks in the shell, and so on are the bad signs for a failing refrigerator.

Do I have to pay money in advance before getting the Refrigerator repaired?

No, Absolutely not. After the completion of the service, you can pay cash or transfer online as per your preference. But if a customer wants to pay some amount in advance, they are most Wellcome.