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No doubt that vacuuming has made our life easygoing. Vacuuming has saved you from the idea of a time-consuming cleaning process, hasn’t it? And we are sure that it has been your life savor while receiving unexpected guests. Everyone wants to live in a home clean and tidy. And daily chores are in fact exhausting when you have to go to work as well. Vacuum Cleaner has been there to save you. 


And it can be a headache if it breaks down as it can hinder your daily routine. It can be even more trouble causing to find a technician who can fix it properly in your busy schedule. That is why we, the team of Smart Care, have come up with a solution to your problem that may not sound much problematic but actually is. 



Types of Vacuum Cleaner We Repair

We, at Smart Care, repair the following types of Vaccum Cleaner


- Normal Vacuum Cleaner

- Drum Vacuum Cleaner 

Our Services 

Dead / No On

This might be because of lack of power supply, check the connection. Sometimes full vacuum bag also prevents it from getting started, in this case, replace the bag. Other technical causes behind dead vacuum are dead chord, faulty switch, faulty motor, etc. You can call Smartcare Repair and Services to solve it.

No/Less Dust Sucking

If your vacuum cleaner is losing suction, it may be due to the vacuum bag being full. In this case, you can replace the bag. Other reason vacuum cleaner loses suction are blockage of tube, holes in vacuum cleaner’s hose, etc. You can contact us at Smartcare Repair and Services to fix it for you.

Accessories Required

Smartcare Service and Repair sells vacuum cleaner attachments and accessories.

The crevice tool is one of the vacuum cleaner attachments with a narrow nozzle that is effective in cleaning tighter spaces. This tool can be used to clean under the stove, in the refrigerator, and other places where your hand cannot reach. It can also pick up small dust and dirt particles from the room and be used to clean along the edges of baseboards, vents, and so on.

Other Repairs

If your vacuum cleaner has other issues like it has a burning smell, or it releases odour, has a broken belt, is strangely noisy, or any other issue, you can contact Smartcare Repair and Service for assistance.


Popular Brands Microwave Oven We Repair

 - LG







Popular Services Near You

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- Air Conditioner

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-Microwave Oven 


Why Choose Smart Care Service? 

Because Smart Care understands the problem your vacuum cleaner can cause if it breaks down. We have given you the reasons why you should choose Smart Care Services. And they are;

Verified Professionals 

All the technicians at Smart Care are subjected to a background check. A series of training is provided to the professionals to ensure the high-quality work reaches our customers. 

Online Payment

Smart Care service offers online payment to its customers to avoid fraud and unnecessary inconvenience. To make the payment simple and easy, customers can transfer service charges online or load a wallet on eSewa, Khalti, or other similar services. 

Service Guarantee

We, at Smart Care, take full responsibility for our work. So, we provide you a 100-day service warranty on Vacuum Cleaner repairs and a 30-day warranty on Spare parts.  


We consider providing our customers with budget-friendly services. Our services can be booked for the same or lesser than any other local services near you. 


Smart Care Group is considerate about the problems you can face in daily life if your appliances break down. We have come up with an outstanding idea of providing you the services that can avoid a hassle in your work life or me-time. We are here for you. 

FAQs on Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Services

Which brands of Vacuum Cleaner do you repair? 

Technicians at Smart Care can work with any brand of Vacuum Cleaners. Yet, some of the popular brands we deal with are Baltra, LG, Philips, and Panasonic. 


Are technicians at Smart Care trustworthy for Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Services? 

All the technicians at Smart Care are background checked. They are experienced and are given training. The client’s safety is our first priority. 

How much will it cost me to get my Vacuum Cleaner repaired? 

The cost of repairing Vaccum Cleaner depends on the fault it has been facing. The cost to repair your vacuum cleaner is determined after the analysis, service charge, and the cost of spare parts if needed