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Essential appliances such as Washing Machines ensure that our daily chores go smoothly, making them faster and more convenient. When an appliance breaks down, such as a washing machine, it might put a halt to your daily routine. It's even more difficult to find a qualified technician to fix it. With this in mind, Smart Care developed the concept of providing washing machine repair and services so that our customers can hire a professional from anywhere and at their convenience.

Types of Washing Machine We Repair

We offer Washing Machine Repair and Services for the following types of Machines:

- Top Loading Washing Machine

- Front Loading Washing Machine

Our Services

Our Washing Machine Repair and Services include


If you require a professional to install/uninstall a washing machine, you can contact us for the service.

Washing Machine Dead/No On

The washing machine may not turn on due to a variety of issues. So, firstly, check the main switch to determine if the connections are loose if the socket is not working the fuse is in good working order. If the washing machine is still not operable, then contact us for the service.

Washing Machine Spinning Abnormally

If you believe something is wrong with the machine's motor and it needs to be inspected by an expert, you can contact us for the service.

Washing Machine making Noise

A Noise in the washing machine could be caused by an unknown object stuck somewhere it shouldn't be, or it could be an indication that some component needs to be changed. If your machine is generating a rattling noise, contact us for the service.

Washing Machine not Filling with Water

If your washing machine is not filling up with enough water or isn't filling up at all, the first place to look is the water hoses, which can become clogged or kinked over time.  If the washing machine is still not filling with water, then contact us for the service.

Other Repair

Choose the Other Repair option if your problem isn't described above.

Why choose Smart Care Service?

Smart Care Service Group understands the inconveniences that a washing machine breakdown can cause and how important it is to get it back up and running again. That's why we offer the fast, trustworthy, and lasting service that you need when you’re faced with a breakdown. We have verified technicians throughout the Kathmandu Valley ensuring that, regardless of your location, one of our qualified technicians will always be able to reach you.

These are the reasons to choose Smart Care Services:

Verified Professionals

All of the professionals at Smart Care Service Group are subjected to a background check. They are also given thorough training in order to ensure that only high-quality work reaches our customers.

Online Payment

Smart Care Service offers online payment to avoid any danger of fraud and to avoid needless inconvenience. To make the payment, simply transfer service charges online or load a wallet on eSewa, Khalti, or other similar services.

Service Guarantee

Because we take full responsibility for our work, we offer a 100-day warranty on spare parts and a one-year service warranty on washing machine repairs.


Expert experts can be booked for the same or less than any other local technician near you. We will send out qualified Washing Machine specialists to diagnose and repair any problems.

Popular Brands Washing Machine We Repair

 - LG







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We understand what is important to you. We believe in shaping the right solution based on your needs. We always strive to deliver Service in the right way. Delivering today and building for tomorrow. Our Customers make our Business. With experienced professionals on board, Smart Care Group is ready for Washing Machine Repair and Services. Experts of our company are skilled, qualified, and reliable. This is the reason that Smart Care Washing Machine Repair and Services are worth it.

FAQ on Washing Machine Repair and Services

How Much will be charged by the technician?

The expert will check thoroughly first and then give a final quote after detecting the fault, you can choose to go ahead with the service or deny it. If you don’t avail of any other service except inspection, you have to pay an inspection charge of Rs.500.

Do you give a warranty on spare parts?

We do not manufacture any spare parts by ourselves, so, the warranty is differing as per the company. But for customer satisfaction and loyal customer, we will give 3 months warranty on parts and 6 months service warranty.

Can the Washing machine be repaired at home or do you have to bring it to a workshop and if you have to bring it to a workshop, do we have to pay the car expenses separately?

After the initial diagnosis by the technician, he will decide whether the servicing can be done at home or not based on the work scope. In the case where the technician needs to do the servicing outside home, travel allowance needs to be provided by the customers.